10 on 10 | August

One of my favorite things from this summer was our trip to the lovely state of Maine. Goodness gracious, it is beautiful! Here’s a little peek of our time there…

In no real order…

lighthouse. (of course, i had to include a pic of a lighthouse!)


cooling off.

our lobster co-op.

blueberry picking.


just a road. (i love pix of empty roads.)

down to the dock.

looking for something.

fresh oysters. (for the hubs, there a little too slimy for me!)

hi, up there!

time to go.














Now check out the beautiful images from the lovely Ashley Meiners.


4 thoughts on “10 on 10 | August

  1. I’m so glad you did this month on your Maine trip!! I really wanted to see them. 😉 These are so gorgeous! The one of your two guys and the one of your little lady pickin’ berries are so artistically perfect. Beautiful work sweet friend! xo

  2. i truly get lost in your photos…there is such a romantic and lovely feel to your work that i just love so much.
    maine has always been one place i would really like to visit one day…you make me want to go sooner than later. it looks so beautiful!

  3. lovely, i always enjoy the way your photos are processed, so simple and soft. like they such be printed on big canvases in a gallery. i’ve never been to maine but would love to. beautiful.

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