Letters to Our Children | February

My second letter in this awesome project…(be sure to keep the circle going by clicking on the link at the end).  : )

Dearest little ones,

Knock on wood, but I am so happy and relieved that we are all healthy right now!!  January was a rough one for us. Thankfully, nothing serious, but between the yucky colds, non-stop fevers and lovely stomach bugs (passed back and forth among us all), sickness seemed to be endless. But here we are, ALL BETTER!

Throughout the sick days, with you having no desire to eat anything (not even M&Ms or milkshakes) or even play outside, I missed the everyday messes and craziness and playfulness. So I’m telling you now, it means the most to have you both healthy and happy. I’m happy to pick up your toys for the gazillionenth time, walk around your stuff, fold endless piles of laundry (or at least move it around my bedroom until I get to it), and be a short order cook so everyone has their favorite dinner.

It’s great to be back to normal, watching you run and play, jump on beds (even though I JUST made it), and carry on the way kids should. Love you guys. Here’s to healthy!!

A few messes and happy, healthy times…









Please continue this circle and check out this sweet and uber-talented Jessica Deane. Love her!


11 thoughts on “Letters to Our Children | February

  1. I adore “the children were here” type images!!! Just makes me grin. As frustrating as it is (oh, do I know!), I know we’ll look back and those images so fondly when we are old. I love how you used something icky, the sickness, to give you a happy perspective on appreciating something we can become frustrated by – the messes. What a good lesson for us all!

  2. This post resonates with me so much. It’s crazy how busy us moms can be, the never ending cycle of house hold to dos… A while ago I started a “Kids Live Here” project… You’ve inspired me to pick it back up. 🙂

  3. i love the sweet portraits of that little kid detritus. the beautiful litter, the evidence they leave behind. i am happy for you, feeling more like normal, but you captured some of the sweetness of those harder days that bring us closer. i love the last three images too. beautiful, they way they find each other…xo

  4. they are so sweet together. i love how you see beauty in every detail of your life, even the messes, piles of laundry, etc…because there is love in all those things. ❤
    glad you're all feeling better!

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