Letters to Our Children | January

I’m super excited for my first post of this project called “Letters to Our Children.” I’ve joined with another group of wonderfully talented, sweet photographers to post monthly ‘letters’ – whether it be a poem, a song, a letter, or just photographs.

As I’ve began this project, I reminded of how hard it is to put into words real emotion, you know, so that it actually comes through on paper. I admire those whose words flow so easily. I’ve started and stopped my first letter several times, but one thing that always goes through my head is a song (or two or three). Music is a love of mine, of theirs. So I start this first letter, with this:

“Hold on, to me as we go

As we roll down this unfamiliar road

And although this wave is stringing us along

Just know you’re not alone

Cause I’m going to make this place your home”

(from “Home” by Phillip Phillips)

They truly are each other’s home. ; )

To them, I will say…”Though you are young, I pray that you always keep these feelings of home with you and for each other. Family is more important than anything, and I think that you both understand and believe that already. Love you.”




Keep the circle going and check out the beautiful work by Rachel May Photography.


15 thoughts on “Letters to Our Children | January

  1. i really don’t think your children could be any more beautiful, alana. they are a pair, and they will carry that love, that sense of home, along with who they are, forever. the softness and tenderness of your heart is all over this.

  2. Gorgeous Alana! I am right there with you, writing is not my strong suit and something I struggle with. Your children are so beautiful and I love the word to that song, perfect!

  3. Writing is actually a struggle for me as well. I’m not naturally talented at putting my emotions into words and therefore it takes a concerted effort, unlike Ms. Amy Grace whose words flow like honey. Given that though, it’s not always quantity that makes something great and I think in this instance you gotten to the point and it works. Family is the most important thing and I hope your lovely children find that to be true too as they get older. And speaking of lovely children, wow! could yours be any more pretty?? Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

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