10 on 10 | January

Wow…my first blog in six months! Where does the time go? ; )

I’m happy to be back on here…and, for this first post, with a special purpose. I’ve joined up with some super amazing and talented photographers to document our ’10 on 10′.  (Basically, 10 pix in a given day, a week, or so.)

Here’s my first go at it…enjoy! (After you scroll through my images, be sure to check out the beautiful work by Ali Deck photography and her January ’10 on 10′.)

Pretty light.

Upside down pigtails (why not?).


Window models.

Milk break.

Hello, down there!

What I used to have time for.



Sunset and shadows.












18 thoughts on “10 on 10 | January

  1. Alana, i am just so thrilled to have met you over 2012. i love your work and the softness it brings every time. i loved seeing into your day. your daughter has the most amazing hair..and wow, the library windows. love those shots. beautiful!!

  2. Alana, your children are so beautiful. thank you for sharing those! and i have to say that last one of your son, with the light and shadows hitting his face like that is incredible. it’s one of those images that has layers and depth and is quietly beautiful and speaks volumes all at the same time.

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