R & H | A Sweet and Tender Bond

I was recently lucky enough to snap some pix of one my very good friends and her sweet little girl. What an amazing bond they share…I’ve been around them a lot, of course, but even if you’ve just met them, you can see how special their relationship is.  There really is nothing like a mother’s love…and in return, a little one’s love for their mommy is unconditional.

We had amazing weather at this shoot…beautiful, warm “spring” (we don’t really have spring in Florida, haha) temps and ridiculously pretty light. I could have stayed and played with them all evening.

Thanks so much to my friend for letting me capture a few sweet moments.

If anyone’s interested, I am offering a limited number of mini sessions in honor of Mother’s Day, celebrating the natural, wonderful bond between mommies and their babies (they’ll be our babies, no matter how old they are). ; )

Email or call me for details…alana.harris@yahoo.com or 561.414.3758.


2 thoughts on “R & H | A Sweet and Tender Bond

  1. Amazing!!! R & H are beauitful. I love love love this last photo, captures R’s love for her daughter perfectly.

  2. To capture a moment in time with a photo is so incredibly tough. To capture emotion and moments and allow the viewer inside the world of the person you are photographing is astounding. As I look though these images I see love, I see funny moments, I see tenderness and sweetness, I see R&H. These photos show a charming daughter and a loving, funny tender mother. This is who they are, you have captured this with elegance and beauty. You are amazing Alana!

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