Home Sweet Home

There are so many awesome locations for photoshoots…beautiful grassy fields, hidden little doorways, the beach at the end of the day…but one of my favorite places is at a client’s home.

I’m always taking photographs of my own children around the house, it’s where they are the most comfortable and happy, surrounded by everything familiar.  I thought about this recently and wanted to do this more for clients.  I just love how families interact with each other at home. You can really see the genuine love and happiness just from spending time together and how great is it for me (and the families) to have this captured in a photograph.

Here are some sweet moments from a recent session with one of my favorite families.  We’ve come to know each well and they are such wonderful, nice people!  Enjoy. xo


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. First let me say this. The blog is amazing. I feel as though I get an insight into how the shoot went, what made it special, and how you crafted the shoot. What a personal touch that invites me into this private session. Second it goes without saying the photos are stunning, but here is my take on why they are stunning. I know this was shot in one session, but I feel as though I know the family. I feel as though you showed me more than a day in there life you allowed me to see who they are, and what life and love means to them. It is like when a song connects with me, in that moment it is all clear. You do that with your images. This is art in its purist sense. You are amazing Alana.

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