My first blog entry!

Ok, well here goes nothing. ; )  Writing a blog has been on my to-do list for awhile now and I finally made time just to do it already. The reason for my blog, you may wonder? Nothing too outrageous, just an opportunity to showcase some of my favorite images and sessions, whether personal or clients, and a little bit of the story to go with it.

For my first entry, I’m featuring some recent photos of my beautiful, too-fast growing babies, well, not really babies anymore (but they always will be to me!). This is just of us hanging around the house…I love them more than I could ever imagine.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the photos. xo


7 thoughts on “My first blog entry!

  1. If I could ask an artist to paint me love he could not do it any better. You paint your life, your kids, your love in pictures and that is why they all speak to me the way that they do. Every angle every photo feels like another brush stroke another emotion. I live the way that I can feel the love through the pictures. Truly amazing. Truly an artist. So happy to see you expressing it through a blog. I love these photos. A and J are so lovely and beautiful.

  2. Alana, You are such a beautiful person and so sweet with your adorable kids! I always love looking at your amazing pictures! Looking at these made me teary… I remember when Add was just a tiny baby and so sad when you left the room, and now she is a little girl! Time passes so quickly you have such beautiful memories through you pictures! xoxo

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